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In just a few clicks, you can pluck the freshest veg straight from our fields. Throughout the year we’ll also make delicious seasonal varieties of carrots and parsnips available to buy.

If you’d prefer to be invoiced monthly for products, please email bdirect@alanbartlettandsons.co.uk

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  • Bushytops

    Carefully grown, harvested and packed, Bushytops are delicious carrots with their beautiful foliage still attached. We take great care in making sure they’re as fresh and delicious as if they’d been lifted by hand. Bushytops are available from the UK, June to October and from Spain, November to May.

    6 Bunches • Cost £10.00 (inc. delivery)
  • Beauties

    Our premium baby Chantenay carrots. With no need to chop or peel, they give a sweeter taste than traditional carrots and are delicious when roasted. They can be delivered the day after being picked.

    10kg • Cost £15.00 (inc. delivery)
  • Bobtails

    Our succulent premium baby parsnips, are grown with real love. Choosing to grow a smaller size gives us a delicious sweet and nutty flavour. They can even be delivered the day after harvesting.

    5kg • Cost £15.00 (inc. delivery)
  • Mixed box

    If you’re finding it tricky to choose between our delicious Beauties or Bobtails, then the Mixed Box is ideal. You’ll get 2.5kg of each variety, so no one will be disappointed at the Sunday dinner table.

    5kg • Cost £20.00 (inc. delivery)

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