Our Story

Cutting Veg Technology

Alan Bartlett and Sons is one of the largest and most sophisticated farming and packing operations in the UK. We’re very proud of the way we work, but we’re always thinking about improvements – looking for better ways to grow, harvest and supply veg to our customers.

Doing It Our Way

We never aim for industry firsts, but they tend to go with the territory. So if a problem crops up, we’ll always try to solve it with our own heads and hands – we’ll invent something completely from scratch if we need to. It’s an exciting process. And when it came to finding a gentler way of lifting parsnips it’s exactly what we did – we created the Positive Selection Parsnip Harvester, which is a bespoke machine that enables us when harvesting to check each parsnip for quality and size and only select the very best of the crop.

Setting The Standard

When it comes to farming, we want to use our experience and knowledge to set the benchmark for the whole farming industry. So as well as our unique parsnip picker, we’ve created the Bushytops Rig, which manages to pick, wash, grade and pack all in one. And it does it all without damaging a single leaf on the foliage that gives the plant the Bushytops name. We were also the first producer in the UK to install optical carrot graders, which use a 360° image to analyse each and every carrot we grow. It’s all pretty clever stuff that we’re rightly proud of.

Many of our innovations have environmental benefits too, which you can see on our green initiatives page.


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