Our Produce

Our Carrots

We supply fresh, UK-grown carrots all year round. Being able to supply supermarkets and stores all year round is a service that’s helped us build great relationships and one that we’re very proud of. But we’re not content to rest on our laurels. There are always improvements to make and new things to try. It’s all very exciting in the world of carrots.

How we grow them…

There’s quite an art to carrot growing. As early as December, we’ll drill the new crop and then cover the fields with biodegradable polythene to warm the soil and enhance growth. The polythene stays on until mid April, when the carrots are watered and fertilised ready for harvesting in June. This drilling and harvesting cycle continues month after month until the final seeds are sown in June. Then in October, the carrots destined to be harvested in the winter and spring are covered in a layer of straw to protect them from frost and to keep their freshness through the warmer spring months. This explains why we still grow some of our carrots in Scotland, where it stays cool enough to harvest right the way through until early summer.


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