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Alan Bartlett and Sons grows more parsnips than any other producer in the world. To keep up with demand, we’ve made sure that we can wash, grade and pack over 300 tonnes of parsnips every day at our Chatteris factory.

Thinking Smart From Field To Shelf

We begin drilling our Parsnips in January and continue until April. The first seedbeds are covered in biodegradable polythene to produce a fast-growing early crop ready for harvest in July and August. Later crops are covered with deep straw to prevent the spring sunshine from warming the soil. This stops the roots from re-growing, enabling us to continue harvesting UK parsnips until June.

When it comes to harvesting, Alan Bartlett and Sons leads the industry in reducing damage and bruising by selecting parsnips right there in the field. This enabled us to reduce our parsnip acreage and our carbon footprint, while also increasing sales. We have also undertaken extensive packaging trials, which means our parsnips now stay whiter for longer – so that on the shelf they look as delicious as they taste.

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5kg • Cost £15.00 (inc. delivery)


Parsnip and
lemon cake

An exciting blend of some familiar ingredients.


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