Our Story

Homegrown Business

We have over 60 years of veg-growing experience, farm on over 3,300 acres of beautiful British countryside and use some pretty innovative machinery to boot. We’re pretty much self-sufficient – growing, harvesting, processing and packing all our produce.

A Bold Mission

Even though Alan Bartlett and Sons is in a great place, we’re still ambitious. We want to deliver 100% satisfaction, whether that’s how we do business or the efficiency of our harvest. We can’t be complacent. So we’re always challenging ourselves to make our produce fresher, tastier and even better quality. Here’s our mission statement:

“To continue to invest in our business and its people, thus enabling us to grow and deliver 100% customer satisfaction on availability, quality, service and price while ensuring sustainability and profitability for the company and the environment.”

Going The Extra Mile

It’s a cliché, but we truly believe in going further for our clients. Easy to say, but not so easy to do. Here’s an example: in the cold spell of 2009 (remember all the snow, ice and panic about gritted roads) we made sure that our client, Tesco, received every single carrot they ordered. We didn’t drop a single case – in fact we delivered extras. It took a huge effort by the whole team to battle through those elements, and as this quote testifies, even the snow can’t stop us:

“Sincere thanks for the outstanding job that you have done for Tesco and its customers throughout the period of exceptionally cold weather. The work of your team in managing supply, production and distribution has been tremendous, and I know there are many stories of exceptional personal endeavors to make this happen… please pass on both Tesco’s and my own personal thanks to your team.”
Colin Holmes, Fresh Food Commercial Director, Tesco.

It’s all about going that little bit further, doing the unexpected and raising people’s eyebrows.


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