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As well as being small and sweet, our premium Chantenay carrots are very easy to prepare. Because of their small size there’s no need to peel and chop – simply plop them into a pan or oven tray and away you go. If only it was as easy to grow the little blighters!

Sweet, Tasty And Available All Year

Originally from France, the Chantenay is a tender, sweet and small carrot that needs a lot of care to grow properly. We only grow our Beauties in perfect conditions, which starts in the UK from July to May and then we switch our attention to our Spanish fields where we grow Chantenay for a short import season. Just like their full-size cousins, we cover our Chantenay in straw over winter to protect them from frosts and keep them cool throughout the spring months. All that hard work for a sweet, tasty and tiny carrot – delicious!

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5kg • Cost £15.00 (inc. delivery)



It's fresh, crunchy and very, very tasty.


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