Our Story

Life At The Veg Factory

Alan Bartlett and Sons is proud to support the local economy. In peak harvest times we employ up to 500 people, with the vast majority of them working at our factory in Chatteris. We’re a happy bunch and we love working together to grow great veg. It’s probably why so many of our permanent employees have stayed with us for years.

Part Of The Family

We make sure that we know everyone who works with us. And we really listen to what they have to say. It’s all about creating a great working environment, which means fitting in with people’s priorities – we think that people work best when they’re able to do what they’re good at in a way that suits them.

We’re clear, open and honest. Everyone is given full training and inductions (from our jewellery policy to forklift awareness). And we have an in-house training facility that keeps people updated on food hygiene awareness, as well as health and safety practices. We also listen to our staff and make changes based on what they tell us.

Keeping Everyone Safe And Sound

Safety is paramount at Alan Bartlett and Sons. Which is why we make sure that everyone knows how to safely use our equipment. Staff training and development is ongoing – we invest time in our people to make sure we can offer quality and service to our customers, ensure sustainability and profitability for the company, and look after the environment at the same time.


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