Our Recipes

Our recipes

If you love root veg as much as we do, you’ll find all sorts of ways to get it into your cooking. So we’ve put together some of our favourite recipes for you to try – from coleslaws to parsnip cakes, there’s something delicious for all types of taste buds.

Try Our Delicious, Veg-packed Ideas


Alan’s coleslaw
Carrot and orange cake
Carrot and parsnip soup
Parsnip and lemon cake
Sweet and gooey parsnips


General Cooking Tips


If you’re cooking carrots on their own, then we’ve got a couple of tips up our sleeves. You could try adding a teaspoon of sugar, a pinch of salt and a knob of butter to the water before boiling – it’ll give you sweeter, glossier carrots. Or, as an alternative to grating, try slicing your carrots with a potato peeler – it creates long, thin, curled strips that look great in a salad. Nice and simple.

If you’d like to share your favourite carrot and parsnip recipes, please email them to recipes@alanbarltettandsons.co.uk and we’ll put the best ones here.


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