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Our bunching carrot varieties have smaller, sweeter roots. But rather than chopping off the foliage and bagging them up, we sell them in beautiful bunches with the attractive plant still attached. UK Bushytops are available from June to October – fresh bunching carrots are not available throughout the winter months as the foliage cannot survive in very cold conditions, consequently we work in partnership with a source in Spain for supply from November to May. Bushytops are harvested, washed and packed in-field using a unique process that takes less than a minute – they’re as delicious as if they’d been grown in your back garden.

Prepare Yourself

Whether it’s a salad or a roast dinner, Bushytops need very little preparation to be enjoyed. They’re aromatic and retain a natural sweetness that goes with all sorts of dishes. If you’ve got any recipes using our Bushytops that you’d like to share, then please add them here. Bartlett’s Bushytops are exclusively available in Tesco, and can be viewed and purchased online by clicking here.

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