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01 Oct 2011

Fresh Thinking

Bartletts Direct has been established to provide an easy way for the finer restaurants and eateries in the country to get hold of our premium carrots and parsnips. With a simple online ordering process and the promise of speedy delivery, our customers can now pluck our freshest produce straight from the fields in just a few clicks.

Our exquisite baby carrots, Belles, was the first product available through Bartletts Direct. Following its success, we’ve now introduced two delicious new additions.

Beauties are our finest baby Chantenay carrots. Delicious roasted, they can be delivered the day after being picked.

Our succulent premium baby parsnips, Bartlett’s Bobtails, are picked young for a sweet, nutty flavour. They are trimmed to length and can be delivered the day after harvesting.

Beauties and Bobtails are now available to order from Bartletts Direct. They are available in individual 5kg boxes or can be combined as a mixed box.



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